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Builders Clubs offer an opportunity for middle school-aged students to develop leadership qualities through volunteer community service to their school, community, and peers. As the motto "We Build" indicates, Builders Clubs are for young people who want to take positive, constructive action to build a better world for themselves and others. Builders Club members experience the thrill of accomplishment and the satisfaction of knowing their efforts make a difference for those they help.

The objectives of Builders Clubs are:

  • to provide opportunities for working together in service to school and community
  • to develop leadership potential.
  • to foster the development of strong moral character
  • to encourage loyalty to school, community, and nation

Middle school years span the transition from childhood to young adulthood. It is a crossroads in life. Young people need and want new challenges that direct their personal development toward the fulfillment of a happy and productive life. Builders Club provides a way to form sound personal values based on experiences in meaningful community service activities.

The first Builders Club was formed in 1975. Currently, more than 1,500 Builders Clubs have been established, with an estimated membership of about 50,000 students. For more information, see the Builders Club International WEB Site.

The following Builders Clubs are sponsored by the Kiwanis Clubs in the Van Rensselaer Division. Information about any of the Builders Clubs listed below may be obtained by contacting the president of the Kiwanis Club that sponsors that Builders Club.