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The mission of Circle K is to encourage college and university students to become responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service worldwide. Circle K exists to meet the personal needs of the individual collegian through the qualities of leadership, the rewards of service, and the unique spirit of friendship. Circle K’s potential lies in its ability to positively influence those in our society who are facing ultimate personal decisions, and those who will one day create the vision of mankind for generations to come.

The objectives of Circle K is to:

  • collaborating with all members of the K-family to achieve common objectives;
  • developing positive role models;
  • enhancing inter-cultural understanding and cooperation;
  • to foster the development of strong moral character
  • increasing members' service potential; providing opportunities for fellowship, personal growth, and professional development.

In 1936, the Pullman Washington Kiwanis Club purchased a house that was rented to young men in need of assistance to attend the local college. The house was located at the Washington State College and was known as the "Circle K House." For ten years the "Circle K House" was affiliated with a Greek letter organization, although it continued to be sponsored by the Pullman Kiwanis Club. Eleven years later in 1947, the "Circle K House" changed from a fraternity orientation to a service-oriented organization.

Circle K Clubs soon began to put their Kiwanis sponsors to shame with their intensive efforts to serve their fellowmen, with both traditional service work on campus and new work with the disabled persons of the community. Young women were admitted to membership in 1973 and began to take an active interest both in the service projects and the administration of clubs, districts, and Circle K International. By the late 1970s, almost half of the International Board of Officers were women. Today, Circle K has over 12,000 members on more than 525 campuses around the world. For more information, see the Circle K International WEB Site.

For information about the Circle K Clubs sponsored by clubs in the Van Rensselaer Division, go to Circle K Clubs.