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Kiwanis Message Centers

Information is provided below about the message center where Kiwanians can keep track of what's happening in the world of Kiwanis, debate the issues, and help each other out.

Welcome to the Kiwanis Community!

The Kiwanis Community provides users with the latest online social networking tools. Each tool is designed to bring Kiwanis members closer together to communicate easily and share ideas between individual members, clubs, and Kiwanis International.

Blogs: includes leadership and guest blogs or online journals. Visitors can view entries while registered users can leave comments to share with others.

Forums: includes a broad range of discussion topics. Visitors can view entries while registered users can initiate discussion topics and post comments.

Groups: contain discussion topics organized by specific interest groups.

Downloads: serves as a storehouse of documents, audio and video files, and more. Users will find current essential resources available to members, clubs, and leaders.

Kiwanis Listserv

Listservs are e-mail services which allow a person to send a message to a single address and have it broadcast to everyone on the list. In order to participate, you need an e-mail address from which you can receive and send e-mail.

If you'd like to look for comments on the list from past discussions, the list is archived and can be searched on the World Wide Web at the Archives of Kiwanis@Listserv.tamu.edu. You can also sign up for the list on the same Web page.