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Welcome from Lt. Governor Wendy Prout

Thank you for visiting the Division Website. I am excited to serve as the LTG of this Division for the 20/21 Kiwanis year.  This year the LTG’s are called the Illuminators. We will help all of the NY District, Illuminate the way for an amazing Kiwanis Year. There are 5 Initiatives for the Kiwanis Year. 

The first one is membership and engagement. If your club has 50 members, your club should bring in 5 members but if your membership is less than 50 the initiative is to increase your membership by 10%. Engage members and new members. Mentor your new members. Call them and invite them to service projects and fundraisers. If you have not seen a member in a while call them and make sure they are ok.

The 2nd initiative is Community Impact.  Survey your community to make sure what you are doing is what your community needs.

The next initiative is Branding.  Wear your Kiwanis shirt at a Kiwanis Events but also post a sign in pictures of the Kiwanis Logo or phrases that advertise Kiwanis.  For example: Kids Need Kiwanis.

The 4th initiative is Fiscal Viability.  All clubs should have a budget and should make sure that all forms are up to date with the IRS.  We all know that our treasurers do an amazing job.

The final initiative is Education.  Continuing education is important.  Your speakers that you have at your weekly meetings are education.  Participating in webinars and workshops offered by NY District and Kiwanis International are all part of continuing education. .

Over the next months, you will hear more about Governor Brenda Leigh Johnson’s project which is Disaster Relief and the Partners project which is about Veterans.

I am here to help.  Please reach out with questions or ask me to attend an event.

My email is wensped@aol.com.

Yours in Service,