PO Box 535, West Sand Lake, NY 12196-0535
Meets 6:30 PM Mondays at the Lakeview Restaurant, Averill Park, NY

 President Stuart J. Nippes                                                                                 Treasurer Robert S. Pasquarelli

 President-Elect Jean Hamlin                                                                                      Secretary David E. Booker

 Vice President Janet C. Malecki                                                                                Webmaster David E. Booker

 Immediate Past President Linda L. Ellis                                                         Sandpiper Editor Margaret R. Weiss

                                                    Photographers James Rogers & Kevin Sarsfield

                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

         Joseph M. Behson, Craig Daniels, Patricia A. Lane

        John B. Mulligan, Eve M. Ward, Margaret R. Weiss

 John C. Brownrigg, Robert R. Loveridge, William M. Whipple

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     The Weekly Membership Newsletter of the
President Stuart Nippes, presiding
      Greetings & Invocation by Janet Malecki



 GUEST:                                               Speaker Steven Hughes, Special Agent, Albany District, FBI

                                                            shown with Program Chair Jon Brownrigg on left.


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v  Eve Ward:  Please take note—I have a new email address:

v  John Brownrigg:  Summerfest meeting tonight after the regular meeting.

v  President Stu:  Read a thank you note from Jim Colabelli for all the greetings.  Surgery wasn’t fun, but all went well, and he’s now into the rehab process.  Hopes to be back soon.

v  John Brownrigg:  Received a thank you letter from the commander of Fort Gordon, GA Military Hospital for the box of playing cards he sent.  He now has a specific overseas address to send any future donations.  They will be gratefully received. 

v  Report of the Mid Year Conference last weekend:  Dave Booker stated that it was very well attended, more than most recent conferences.  The highlight of it for him was the story of the young girl who had Lyme Disease.  She had been misdiagnosed for some time, so the disease progressed unchecked, leaving her partially paralyzed, and in a wheel chair.  By the time treatment was

DOOR PRIZE, provided by John Brownrigg, was won by John Mulligan!

50/50 for $18 was won by Bill Whipple!

PROGRESSIVE 50/50, worth $231.50 this week, will keep on growing!  Barb Fioravanti’s ticket was picked, but she didn’t find the elusive King of Clubs in the 42 remaining cards.  She picked the 7 of Hearts!



FEBRUARY 29                    PROGRAM CHAIR:  Ron Wagner

                                               PROGRAM:  Gail Moon: The Doors of Hope

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  Miller Young

March 7                                 PROGRAM CHAIR: Pat Lane

                                              PROGRAM: Youth Services Committee Update/Board Meeting

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE PRESENTER: Joe Behson


MARCH 7                             PROGRAM CHAIR:  Pat Lane

                                              PROGRAM:  Kamp Kiwanis

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  TBA

MARCH 21                           PROGRAM CHAIR: Stuart Nippes, Linda Ellis, Eve Ward & Barb Fioravanti

                                              PROGRAM: K Kids Clubs and Builders Club Night

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR: Frank Breselor


                 Mon Feb 22nd:  Davis, Malecki, Patton, Daniels

          AMERICIAN RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE at the Church of the Covenant, Thursday Feb 25th:

                 Set UP 12 -1 pm:  Davis

                 First Shift 1-3:30 pm: Canteen - Peg Weiss  Registration: Eve Ward

                 Second Shift 3:30 - 6 pm: Canteen - Craig Daniels  Registration - Linda Ellis

                 Take Down 6-7 pm: Nancy W. Davis


          43rd MONTHLY PASTA DINNER at the West Sand Lake Firehouse, Saturday, March 12th:

                  12 – 7, Setup & Cook:  L&L Ellis, Loveridge, Brownrigg

                  3 – 5:30, Setup & Serve: Hamlin, Lane & ________________

                  3:30 – 7, Cashiers:  Ward

                  5 – 7:30, Serve & Takedown:  Hamlin, ____________ & _______________



$     Pat Lane:  The younger generation can be surprising!  At the conference I particularly noticed a young lady who had a body all women would love to have:  the Governor of Circle K who wore a mini skirt, waistline V neck in front and not much more in back, with stiletto heels several inches high.  She admitted she brought 11 pairs of shoes with her (for a 2 ½ day conference)!  I’d explained to my family that Calicoon, NY was right on the PA border, and when my 3 yr old great-granddaughter saw me the next morning she was “so happy you came back from “Transylvania”!

$     Barb Fioravanti:  My happy dollar is for finally getting a diagnosis for my discomfort:  I have polymyalgia rheumatica.  That’s not happy, but up until then the doctors thought it was Lyme Disease, and I’m happy it’s NOT that!  Hopefully the correct treatment will help soon.

$     Bryce Ginther:  I just returned from a 10 day, 3000-mile trip through 7 states, to Kansas, and Missouri to visit my son, daughter-in-law and grandson while they were moving from one Army base to another!

$     Eve Ward:  I’m very happy to report that I’m healthy, strong, and HERE because tomorrow is my 85th birthday!

$     John Brownrigg:  The East Greenbush Club’s Comedy Night is this Saturday.  Thanks to Steve for his great presentation!

$     Bill Whipple:  Betty and I just spent a week visiting Washington, DC, and then went to Woodbridge, VA to visit our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter!

$     Stu Nippes:  Tomorrow is “Happy Tuesday”—another meeting is finished!


John Brownrigg introduced Special FBI Agent Steve Hughes, who is also a neighbor of Kevin Sarsfield on Garner Road.  Steve has been with the FBI for 11 years, trained at Quantico, and holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University.  The Albany Division runs to the eastern border with Massachusetts, west to about Rochester, south to Binghamton, and north to about Essex County, not quite up to the Canadian border. 

repatriates), sociopolitical, in groups, or whole communities (such as the sit-in group in Portland, OR).  They look for our


Drawing of the Progressive 50/50 card.
started, she was quite ill, but is now slowly progressing.  Medical bills are mounting, and Kiwanis groups are fundraising so that now the Foundation will pay for all!  Not a dry eye in the house!  Pat Lane backed up everything, and said she attended every Forum she was able to, and learned much about many things.  She also announced that she was now fully certified to administer the heroin overdose antidote NarCan but hoped she’d never have to use that knowledge!
He is with the Intelligence Division, which has grown quite large since 9/11.  Steve illustrated his talk with slides and explained that violent extremists are not just a certain group of nationals, but are all types, very diverse.  They are ideological, personal (such as loners, and refugees, and

vulnerabilities, and focus on grievances.  ISIS focuses on a messaging effort for recruitment—very professional, with slick periodicals, and they make much use of all social media, where they post anonymous messages to capture the imaginations of our young people.  Recruitment of minors is the focus.  Their tools are simple, sword or or machete, hand gun, and most important of all, smart phones!  Communities need to create intervention programs, and individuals, especially parents of teens, need to stress staying safe online, have open communication with teens, and notice any behavior changes—different friends, etc.  Know what your resources are and where they are located.  Where is the FBI office?  “If you see something, SAY something!”


             President Stu presented John Mulligan with his tab for seven years of perfect attendance.

John Brownrigg was given the 2015-2016 chevron from the Kiwanis International Foundation for the club’s Honor Banner.  The chevron indicates that the club had donated to the KIF Annual Club Giving Campaign.


            “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable

                         determination to do the job at hand.”                                   Harry S. Truman