PO Box 535, West Sand Lake, NY 12196-0535
Meets 6:30 PM Mondays at the Lakeview Restaurant, Averill Park, NY

 President Stuart J. Nippes                                                                                 Treasurer Robert S. Pasquarelli

 President-Elect Jean Hamlin                                                                                      Secretary David E. Booker

 Vice President Janet C. Malecki                                                                                Webmaster David E. Booker

 Immediate Past President Linda L. Ellis                                                         Sandpiper Editor Margaret R. Weiss

                                                    Photographers James Rogers & Kevin Sarsfield

                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

         Joseph M. Behson, Craig Daniels, Patricia A. Lane

        John B. Mulligan, Eve M. Ward, Margaret R. Weiss

 John C. Brownrigg, Robert R. Loveridge, William M. Whipple

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     The Weekly Membership Newsletter of the
MEETING OF May 2, 2016
President Stuart Nippes, presiding
      Greetings & Invocation by Jerry Tysiak


WELCOME BACK: Mike Gates, Jim Parslow and Frank Lewandusky!
      DOORS OF HOPE, unloading of the food delivery to the food pantry
              Friday, May 6: Bryce Ginther, Joe Behson, Barb Fioravanti and Bob Loveridge
      MONTHLY PASTA DINNER at the West Sand Lake Fire House, Saturday, May 14
              12-7  Setup and cook: Bob Loveridge, Becky and Ron Wagner
               3 - 5:30 Setup and serve: Jean Hamlin, Craig Daniels and Jim Colabelli
               3:30 - 7 Cashier: Eve Ward
               5 - 7:30 Serve and takedown: Jean Hamlin, Bryce Ginther and _________________________
      EAST GREENBUSH INTERCLUB AND DIVISION COUNCIL East Greenbush Town Park, Tuesday, May 10 6:30
              Pat Lane, David Booker, Bob Pasquarelli, Bob Loveridge, Jerry Tysiak, Joe Behson, Margaret Kolek, Eve Ward,
              Peg Weiss, Jean Hamlin and Janet Malecki


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Eve announcement

 Sand Lake Library Annual Book Sale, June 25th from 11-2, resquests our Food Trailer.  Staff will be required.
     West Sand Lake Elementary School K Kids:
Celebration of their accomplishments during
         the past year will take place on May 23rd at 4 PM in the Cafetorium.  There will be awards
        and refreshments.  You will be amazed at the professionalism of these third, fourth and fifth
        graders!  Wear a Kiwanis shirt and show our Kiwanis support for this sponsored youth
        group.  Afterwards just come on up to our meeting!  Eve Ward will be taking the count at next
        week's meeting.

                                               Van Rensselaer Division Golf Outing:
Bob Loveridge announced that the annual golf
                                                   outing will be held on Saturday, June 11th at the Burden Lake Country Club.
                                                   Gather your friends for a day of fun, prizes and food!
                                                   More details to come.



MAY 9                                 PROGRAM CHAIR:  President Stu Nippes
PROGRAM:  SLKC Annual Meeting and Election of Officers and Directors
                                                SLKC Baby Shower: bring new cloths to be donated to new born infants!

MAY 16                               PROGRAM CHAIR: Jean Hamlin
                                             PROGRAM: John Robinson, Our Ablity, Inc. - Youth are invited to attend
                                             GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE PRESENTER: Joe Trupia

MAY 23                               PROGRAM CHAIR:  Angelo Patti
                                             PROGRAM:  To be announced
                                             GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE: Craig Daniels

MAY 30                               NO MEETING - MEMORIAL DAY

JUNE 6                                PROGRAM CHAIRS: Bob Loveridge and Bryce Ginther
                                            PROGRAM: Community Service Committee update
                                            GREETER/INVOCATOR: Peter Stevens

Mike Gates gave the shortest program that we've ever had!  His update on the
                                                      workings of the Public Relations Committee stated that he submits articles to
                                                      the Advitiser about our upcoming activities.  Lately they have mostly been
                                                      about our monthly second Saturday Pasta Dinners.

          May birthdays: Frank Breselor, Lyndon Ellis, George Raneri and Jerry Tysiak

        May anniversaries: Frank & Judy Breselor, Skip & Nancy Patton (40 years) and Jerry & Cindy Tysiak (45 years)
            We made our usual pathetic attempt at singing to those present and then enjoyed Eve's yummy strawberries and
              cream cake!
    $  Jerry Tysiak: Cindy and I just celebrated our 45th wedding
          anniversary!  Pat Lane has a great new way to recycle!
    $  Bob Pasquarelli: Joan is doing well, and is getting around
          a little more.  She's even doing a lot of cooking!
    $  Jim Rogers: My eye surgery has been rescheduled from
         July to May 18th!  During the pre-op tests I had a scare when
         my EKG showed a major problem, but the retest was normal!
    $  Skip Patton: The Red Sox have just had a three game sweep
        over the Yankees!  
    $  Pat Lane: This is from former SLKC member Chet Melius:
        "Hello to eveyone!  If the economy picks up, I'm coming
         back to the club."
    $  Jean Hamlin: My 12 year-old grandson is greatly challenged
        - needing constant care.  His mother is unable to give him this
        care, so my other daughter and her husband are taking him in to
        prevent his being institutionalized.  I am so proud of their loving care!  My other daughter is now a tour director for
       Yankee Trails.  And had already taken three trial runs.
    $  Stuart Nippes:  I'm happy that Jim Parslow and Mike Gates are here.

DOOR PRIZE: an IOU from Mike Gates was won by Jean Hamlin!

50/50: for $22 was won by Bob Loveridge!

PROGRESSIVE 50/50: worth $345.50 this week , but it will only
   increase because lucky ticket holder Frank Lewandusky was only
   able to pick the Ace of Spades from the 35 cards left in the deck!




             President Stu
announced the nominated slate for next week's election:
                   President: Jean Hamlin;
                   President-Elect: ______________;
                   Vice President: Janet Malecki;
                   Treasurer: Bob Pasquarelli;
                   Directors (vote for three): Joe Behson, Craig Daniels, Frank Lewandusky, Jim Parslow and Ron Wagner
             Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the time of the election.


            "We struggle with the complexities and avoid the simplicities"   Norman Vincent Peale


Mike Gates



ROLL CALL:  Present:  Pres Nippes, Pres-Elect Hamlin, Sec Booker, Treas Pasquarelli;

                        Directors Behson, Fioravanti, Lane, Loveridge, Mulligan, Ward, Weiss, Whipple

                         Absent:  Imm Past Pres Ellis, VP Malecki, Directors Brownrigg, Daniels


SECRETARY’S MINUTES approved as published

TREASURER’S REPORT 4/30/16 balance $26,000.12.  Our Administrative Fund is being drained due to paying for meals not purchased by members.  Call those you haven’t seen in a while and urge them to come back!  Attendance is down too much.



Community Services (Loveridge/Ginther)

    Doors of Hope (Ginther): 6 members worked 8.5 hrs unloading 5850 lbs from 2 deliveries to the food pantry.

   Community Signs (Whipple):  Relettered for our monthly Pasta Dinner, Annual School Carnival at WSL Elementary School,
         BSA Troop Lasagna Dinner, and Dissipated Eight free concert. (4 hrs).

   Dissipated Eight: 1 hour concert from Middlebury (VT) College, 11 members & 600+/- people attended; cost to Club $550, plus 15 hours time.

   Poestenkill Discovery Day: 7 members worked 30 hours serving food; $500 +/- earned.

   Red Cross Blood Drive:  5 members worked 14 hours registering donors and serving at the canteen.  30 donors presented,
        26 units collected.  

Sponsored Youth (Fioravanti/Mulligan/Ward/Nippes/Ellis, Linda)

   K-Kids/WSL Elementary (Ward):  Created posters of favorite activities, decorated bookmarks and started planning for
        yearend celebration.  Club won 1st place in NY District K-Kids for collecting the most Socks for Shelters.

   Builders Club (Fioravanti):  Kiwanis Advisor attended 2 meetings (3 hrs) (12 kids).  Club had a school-wide pet food drive;
        winning homerooms were treated to morning donut Munchkins. The food and handmade toys were delivered to the
        Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

   Key Club (Mullligan):  Kiwanis Advisor attended 3 meetings, about 1 hour each, about 18 kids in attendance plus the 2 faculty
        advisors.  SL Kiwanis Club hosted the Key Club officers for dinner and an installation of next year’s leaders (cost
       $162.04).  Key Club served breakfast at Ronald McDonald House, collected trash around the HS, and held a Blood Drive.

Ways and Means (Hamlin)

     Pasta Dinner (Loveridge):  11 members + 1 K-Kid son worked 48 hours serving 70 dinners for a profit of $406.29.

Youth Services (Lane): Club paid registration fee of $200 for an APHS sophomore for the HOBY Seminar.

Ad Hoc Committee – Summerfest 2016:  9 members attended the 4th planning meeting and stuffed pre-addressed envelopes
      with donor solicitation letters:  3 hours, $63.



          Funding request by Junior Achievement dropped (no motion), (requests for info ignored).



1.      Approved tent request by Salem UMC for Church Fair Sept 10th weekend/Colabelli.

2.      Funding request from a local youth  for a local youth music program tabled pending more information and a presentation to the Club.

3.      Termination of membership approved for non-payment of dues by Christine Bradway.

4.      Accepted the oral resignation by Lyndon Ellis.

5.      Letter to be written to Linda Ellis giving her the option of resigning or termination due to conduct unbecoming a Kiwanian.  Option for appeal at June Board meeting.



1.      Discuss K Family Picnic plans.  Division not planning.  For SLK and SLPs, in Sept.

2.      Develop SLK calendar of events and activities.



Next Council meeting is Tues May 10 at East Greenbush Town Park—picnic and meet the candidate for Governor Elect.  Next one is Sun July 24 at Bruno Stadium for a Valley Cats baseball game and social outing.



NY District is short of the 60 student participants needed to attend the Key Leader program on May 13-15 at Camp Stella Maris.  If this minimum guarantee is not met the District will not receive any Kiwanis International funds to cover the cost of the event.



There is now a Kiwanis Visa Card!  It offers a contribution to the Children’s Fund with each purchase.  And 1% Cash Back on every purchase and 2% or 3% for purchases in select categories.  Cash Back is a statement credit to reduce balance.  There is no annual fee and a $30 Kiwanis Family Store Gift Code when the account is opened.


PAY THE BILLS  --  authorized.