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Community Services Committee

House and Reception Committee

Interclub Committee

Membership and Education Committee

Programs Committee

Publicity Committee

Senior Services Committee

Social Committee

Spiritual Aims Committee

Sponsored Youth Committee

Ways and Means Committee

Young Children Priority Number One Committee

Youth Services Committee


General duties of the Committee Chair and members




House & Reception                                                               Dudley Dorr


The House and Reception Committee is responsible is providing the most effective club meeting setting possible. Areas of focus should include the club meeting program, physical, reception, fellowship, and interclub relations, as well as any other areas that the committee may feel pertinent to promotion of an effective club meeting.


Specific tasks relative to an effective meeting setting include fags and banners displayed, podium in place with adequate lighting and sound system, and placement of a reception table where members can pay for their meals and tickets. A committee member should contact the host restaurant (Lakeview Inn) to make sure the club’s monetary and food related responsibilities are adequately fulfilled. The committee should make sure everything required to conduct the meeting is properly stored and secure at the end of each meeting.


The committee should work closely with the Social Committee to make any arrangement for special events and meetings.


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Community Services Committee                                             John Brownrigg & Bryce Ginther


The Committee on Community Services implements projects in the arts, business affairs, citizenship, civic improvement, community beautification, conservation, health, international understanding, literacy, public affairs, safety, or help for senior citizens and disabled persons.


The committee should submit to the Board of Directors its recommendations on all potential projects the club has been asked to consider that fall within the committee’s jurisdiction. Anticipated total expenditures for such projects should also be submitted with the committee’s recommendations for action by the Board.  The Committee is also responsible for scheduling the membership to carry out approved projects.  If the project is to be completed over several weeks or months a progress report should be presented each at the Board of Director’s meeting.


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Membership & Education Committee                                            Joe Behson


The Membership and Education Committee strives to increase membership according to the standards provide by the club’s by-laws.  The committee considers all membership information forms and submits its recommendations to the Board of Directors. The committee develops an effective orientation and conducts an induction ceremony for new members and promotes participation by all members in club meetings and projects.


A perennial goal of the club is increasing membership therefore this is a primary efforts of the committee. Toward this end, the committee should: (1) encourage all members to invite friends, neighbors, persons active in the community, and family members to meeting to interest them into becoming club members, (2) introduce guests to as many members as possible to make them feel welcomed, (3) invite them to another meeting, (4)provide a short orientation following a regular meeting with selected club members to educate all perspective members relative to their obligation to Kiwanis and to the club, and (5) make its recommendations on all prospective members to the Board of Directors for their action at the next regular Board of Directors meeting following the orientation meeting.  The prospective member should be informed about the club’s website and information there of interest.


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Interclub Committee                                                                                     Bob Pasquarelli


The Interclub Committee provides membership with date of all scheduled divisional interclub meetings for the coming year. Interclub visits dates should be identified ahead so members can ‘plan ahead.’  For each planned interclub meeting, the committee should: (1) remind membership of the upcoming interclub visit, (2) create a list of those members interested in attending, (3) notify the host club as to the number expected, and (4) make necessary transportation arrangements, if necessary.


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Programs Committee                                                                                    Eve Ward


The Programs Committee is responsible for establishing a schedule of programs for the coming year and for providing a greetor/invocator (one person) program chair and to identify the speaker/subject a week in advance of the schedule appearance. The schedule of programs is to be listed on the club’s website so membership can access the schedule at will. And changes to the established schedule should be communicated to Chair person so they can make changes to the club management website. Also, member changes to schedules should be communicated to the Chair person so that all membership can be notified when warranted.  The program Chair person (or committee chair) should notify the House & Reception Committee Chair person if any special equipment is required by the guest speaker.


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Publicity Committee                                                                                      Mike Gates


The Publicity Committee is responsible for helping ensure that the public receives notice of the activities and achievements of the club. The committee’s primary goal is to give the club a wide exposure through the media as possible.  The committee publishes articles related to specific events such as Summerfest and other major activities and accomplishments. The more the public knows about ‘what we are all about’ the more potential people in the community are interested in us and want to become a part of the Kiwanis organization.  The club’s website address should appear at of all published articles to foster greater interest in out club and its activities.


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Club Bulletin (Sandpiper) Committee                                                               Peg Weiss


The Sandpiper Committee records the activities and happenings within the club with the purpose of keeping all members are informed of what transpired at a club meeting and of all planned activities, events and projects. The Committee chairs arranges for coverage and for the preparation of notes at each week’s meeting. The Sandpiper is prepared each week prior to the next scheduled meeting and is made available to members either electronically by e-mail or by regular postal mail.  The Sandpiper serves as the historical archive for all club and member activities and happenings.


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Senior Services Committee                                                               Joe Trupia


  The Senior Services Committee is responsible for the club’s usual activities and projects that benefit the seniors of out community.  Among the projects for which the committee is responsible are: Holiday Food Baskets, Food for the Heart, senior luncheon, and blood screening. All expenditures of such projects are to be submitted with the committee’s recommendations for the approval of the Board of Directors. Scheduling of membership to carry out such projects is the responsibility of the committee.


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Social Committee                                                                               Eve Ward


The Social Committee plans social events for members, their spouses/significant others, and guests. Social events are typically planned to take place during the time that will not interfere with regular Monday night meeting. Exceptions can occur for such celebrations as the Holiday Party and Charter Night in December.


Specifically, the Committee is charged with: (1) providing ideas for celebratory events and gatherings, (2) collecting detail information on time, place, and cost, and communicating such information to the membership, (3) bring the committee’s ideas to the Board of Director’s for approval, and (4) finalizing all arrangements so the event will be successful.


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Spiritual Aims Committee                                                                Dick Johnson


The Spiritual Aims Committee implements projects that foster spiritual development provide human companionship and comfort, or support counseling and guidance. Projects should encourage interfaith and inter denominational religious experiences but should not support a specific religious sect. 


The Spiritual Aims Committee keeps the club informed as to important community religious events and holy days. The Committee should plan on having its annual night for ‘Recognition of Community Religious Leaders.’ The Committee also arranges and organizes for the Summerfest Community Worship Service. In addition, the Committee provides for spiritual thought for each weekly edition of the Sandpiper.


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Sponsored Youth Committee                       John Mulligan & Barb Fioravanti


The Sponsored Youth Committee is responsible for finding ways and means to establish and support K-Kids clubs in elementary schools, Builders Clubs in junior and middle schools, Key Clubs in high schools, and Circle K Clubs in universities and colleges, and encourage and promote the activities of all Aktion Clubs, K-Kids, Builders Clubs, Key Clubs, and Circle Clubs sponsored by the club.  The committee includes club advisors to all club sponsored youth clubs.


Specifically, the Sponsored Youth Committee is responsible for giving support to the Averill Park High School and Columbia High School Key Clubs (and any other Kiwanis International Sponsored Youth Club that’s sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Sand Lake). Members of the committee should work closely with the High School designated Key Club Advisor and Key Club Officers to provide necessary guidance and monetary support.


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Ways & Means Committee                                                                        Mike Gates


The Committee on Ways and Means is responsible for organizing and coordinating all club fund raising activities. A primary goal of the committee is to involve as many club members in each fund raising activity as possible. The committee may delegate specific responsibility for individual fund raising projects to other club members who will chair such events and assume full responsibility for such events. The committee or designated chair of a delegated fund raiser should canvas the membership to establish time schedules for individual events.  Membership will be kept informed as to schedules and progress of these activities through e-mail and the club’s website. The Committee Chairperson will actively monitor major fund raiser events especially those delegated to other members. Major fund raisers include soccer food sales, citrus sales, Christmas Tree sales, Kiwanis Peanut Days and Summerfest.


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Committee on Young Children Priority One                                 Bob Loveridge


The Young Children Priority One Committee develops and implements programs and activities meant to enrich the quality of life for the young children (from prenatal through 5 years of age).  The committee will represent the club at divisional and district meetings related to coordination of this effort with other area clubs. The committee chair person shall report to the club any events (fund raisers, social, and other) to enable membership to provide active support.  A major program under the committee’s charge is the club’s involvement and support of the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Unit at the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center. The primary fund raiser of the committee is solicitation of funds through the sale of Bells of Life.


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Youth Services Committee                                                             vacant


The Youth Services Committee implements projects that address school aged children.  Projects can address academics, advocacy, career exploration, character building, citizenship education, drug prevention, health, hobbies, leadership development, literacy, mentoring, and recreation and sports.  Typically, projects include sponsorship of sports teams, Terrific Kids, Bring Up Grades, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminars, scholarships, mentoring, and career days.


Specifically, the committee will submit to the Board of Directors recommendation on participation and sponsorship of all potential youth sponsored projects the club is asked to support. All project expenditures are to be submitted with the committee’s recommendation for action by the Board of Directors. The committee will arrange the scheduling of membership to carry out approved projects. If a project is to be completed over several weeks or months committee members should periodically visit such youth sponsored projects and subsequently file a progress report at the next Board of Director’s meeting.


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General Duties of Committee Chair Persons and Committee Members


The Committee Chair Person is key to the effective functioning of each committee. Without leadership, the committee has no direction, motivation and no reason for functioning. 


Each committee chair person shall:


  1. Call a meeting of the committee in October at the start of Kiwanis administrative year.  The agenda should include:

    1. Review Committee Charter.

    2. Orient Committee members to the Committee Charter, area(s) of responsibility, relevant procedures and prospective schedule of events.

    3. Consider self-established goals in addition to requests or other sources of community needs.

    4. Review with Committee members activities during the past year.

    5. Solicit suggestions from committee members on possible activities and project for the coming year.

    6. Discuss ways to keep in touch with community needs and opportunities that exist with respect to the area of responsibility.

    7. Determine how the Committee will make use of club budgeted funds.

    8. Plan specific activities and projects planned during the coming year.


  1. Call a meeting of the committee for the Monday prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.

a.       Review communications sent by the Chairperson and any member.

b.      Review accomplishments since past meeting.

c.       Review possible activities and projects for the coming month.

d.      Assign responsibilities to Committee members as to who, will do what, when and where.

e.       Review and refine plans for the remaining funds of the current year.


  1. Prepare and submit a written report of Committee activities and projects to the Club Secretary by Wednesday in advance of the Board of Directors meeting each month.  The monthly report should include a brief statement of Committee activities and projects and any attendance credit entitled to Committee members for participation in Committee meetings or working on Committee events. This will allow the Committee Chair person to provide a verbal report at monthly meeting of the Board of Directors and all the Club Secretary sufficient time to make every attempt to have the monthly report completed and filed timely with Kiwanis International, the New York District, and the Van Rensselaer Division Lt. Governor.


  1. Utilize the Club management information system for purposes of posting announcement of activities and projects, scheduling events and soliciting club member participation, and filing activity reports in advance of the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.


  1. Attend each meeting of the Board of Directors and be prepared to report on Committee plans and spending of budgeted funds.


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 Adopted by the Board of Directors 10/11/2008 (The names of Committee Chairs updated as needed)