Lists of the 

Club Membership, Committee Memberships,  

Past Presidents, Past Lt. Governors, Past Governor,

George F. Hixson Fellows, Tablet of Honor

Heritage Society, Life Members

  Legion of Honor or Merit Members

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Club Membership

Douglas Baldrey Jennie Glasser James M. Perez

Joseph M. Behson

Joseph D. Grillo

Bruce E. Perry

David E. Booker

Elwood H. Hacker

George J. Raneri

Franklin K. Breselor

Jean F. Hamlin Robert Reiter  

John C. Brownrigg

James D. Hoffman

James Rogers

Robert F. Carpenter

E. Kenneth James

Debra Roy

Shawn W. Chamberlain Richard A. Johnsen

Kevin P. Sarsfield

Jude Clemente Patricia A. Lane

Peter Stevens

James M. Colabelli Robert R. Loveridge

Charles J. Trupia

Craig L. Daneils Janet C. Malecki Raymond C. Turner

Nancy W. Davis

Gary Meislin

Gerald Tysiak

Joseph T. Distell

Rose D. Metchick Roland Wagner

Dudley A. Dorr

Louis Morizio

Eve M. Ward

Linda Ellis

John B. Mulligan

Margaret R. Weiss

Lyndon Ellis

Stuart Nippes

Randall A. Wheeler

Barbara K. Fioravanti

James J. Parslow

William M. Whipple

Michael T. Gates Robert S. Pasquarelli 

Fred Wurtemberger

Bryce B. Ginther Angelo Patti

Miller Young

  Russell B. Patton



Corporate Membership


Tremont Lumber
Jennie Glasser

Troy Sand & Gravel
Jude Clemente

Sand Lake Center
for the Arts
Debra Roy

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Past Presidents

1949-50 James Hargrave (d)

1970-71 Frederick Gleason

1990-91 Chester D. Gavryck

1951     Philip S. Pierce (d)

1971-72 Kenneth VanPraag  

1991-92 James M. Colabelli 

1952   James Maxwell (d)

1972-73 Arthur Fagnant (d)

1992-93 Joseph Cybulski

1953   George Schaible (d)

1973-74 Clifford Quin  

1993-94 John C. Brownrigg

1954   Robert Langford (d)

1974-75 Robert Skripak(d)/  

1994-95 Dale E. Hall

1955   Clarence Daniel

             Robert Carpenter 1995-96 David E. Booker  

1956   Robert Middleton

1975-76 Dudley A. Dorr

1996-97 William M. Whipple

1957   Ralph Brown (d)

1976-77 Douglas Baldrey

1997-98 Barbara K. Fioravanti

1958   Edward Oakley (d)

1977-78 Joseph Distell  

1998-99 John Glasser

1959   John Morris (d)

1978-79 Angelo Patti  

1999-2000 Richard Johnsen 

1960   Carl Beck (d) 

1979-80 Thomas Theilmann  

2000-01 Jeffery A. Lawrence

1961   John DeFreitas (d)

1980-81 Bruce V. Beck  

2001-02 Chester A. Melius, Jr

1962   Newton Buckner (d)

1981-82 Russell Blodgett (d) 

2002-03 James E. Rogers

1963   Carl Wicks (d)

1982-83 Robert S. Pasquarelli

2003-04 John Glasser

1964    John Ellis

1983-84 Charles J. Trupia   2004-05 Kathy Sue Evensen

1965    William Walden (d)

1984-85 E. Kenneth James 2005-06 Alison M. Greene

1966   Fred Wurtemberger

1985-86 Conrad Gangone   2006-07 Robert R. Loveridge
1967   Gregory Benson (d)   1986-87 Stephen J. Quillinan 2007-08 Joseph M. Behson
1968   Paul Weiss (d)  1987-88 Gerald Oestreich 2008-09 Gerald Tysiak
1969   Roger Young (d) 1988-89 W. Lawrence Thompson, IV 2009-10 Gary N. Meislin
1969-70 Elwood Hacker  1989-90 John Glasser 2010-11 Russell B. "Skip" Patton
    2012-13 Patricia A. Lane

(d) Denotes Deceased

Denotes Distinguished Past President  

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Active Members
 who are
Past Lieutenant Governors

1976-77 Kenneth VanPraag 1989-90 Robert S. Pasquarelli 
1988-91(New England)
1999-2001(New York) 
David E. Booker 1995-97 John C. Brownrigg
1990-91 E. Kenneth James 2008-09 James E. Rogers
1980-81 Elwood H. Hacker 2011-12 Robert R. Loveridge

Denotes Distinguished Past Lieutenant Governor

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Past  Governor
    David E. Booker

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George F. Hixson

Kiwanians may be honored by an individual, a club,
a division, a district, or
Kiwanis International with 
membership in the 
George F. Hixson Fellowship; 
the following members have been so honored:  

David E. Booker 
   (Diamond level 2)


James E. Rogers
    (Diamond level 1)
John C. Brownrigg 

  Dudley A. Dorr

 Barbara K. Fioravanti

E. Kenneth James

Robert S. Pasquarelli 

C. Joseph Trupia

Kenneth VanPraag


William M. Whipple

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Tablet of Honor

The Kiwanis International Foundation Tablet of Honor was authorized in 1965 as a giving opportunity through which individuals, Kiwanis clubs, divisions, districts, or organizations could permanently honor Kiwanians, spouses, friends, clubs, or organizations. Similarly, the Tablet of Honor has become a vehicle by which individuals or groups have memorialized Kiwanis leaders, spouses, friends, or given as a way to honor a spouse on the anniversary of a special occasion. Tablet of Honor contributions can be made on behalf of an individual, club, corporation, or organization. Individuals cannot honor themselves


David E. Booker

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Heritage Society

David E. Booker

The Kiwanis International Foundation established the Heritage Society to recognize individuals who named the Foundation in their estate plans. As a main source of endowment support, Heritage Society gifts ensure future financial stability of the Foundation. Membership is offered to individuals who signify their intent to:
Provide a "planned gift" to the Kiwanis International Foundation Endowment Fund;
Make an outright charitable gift of at least US$5,000.


Kathryn M. Booker

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Members with 
Life Member Status

David E. Booker       

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Kiwanis Pediatric Fellows

Members may be honored by a club, division, district
or by an individual by making a contribution to the |
KPTC at the Albany Medical Center in the name of the
honoree.  Members who have been so honored are:

Diamond Level
David E. Booker                            
Ken James

Joseph Behson            Barbara K. Fioravanti
James E Rogers                            Jerry Tysiak
Margaret R. Weiss 



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Legions of Honor 
and Merit

Kiwanis International recognizes members for their continued commitment to community service through the Legion of Honor. Members with 25 or more years of membership in Kiwanis are recognized for multiples of 5 years.

50 Years Woodie Hacker    

45 Years Fred Wurtemberger  

40 Years  Doug Baldrey Bob Carpenter Dudley Dorr
  Joe Distell Ken James Angelo Patti
  George Raneri    

35 Years Clayton Besch Frank Breselor Bob Pasquarelli
    Bruce Perry  

30 Years David E. Booker Joe Trupia  

25 Years James Colabelli Joe Grillo Dick Johnsen
  Gary Meislin Gerald Tysiak  

The New York District similarly recognizes     
members with between 5 and 25 years         
of membership through the Legion of Merit.  

20 Years Joe Behson John Brownrigg  

15 Years Barb Fioravanti Kevin Sarsfield Ron Wagner
  Bill Whipple  

10 Years Bob Loveridge Bob Reiter Jim Rogers
  Robert Rosenberger  Eve Ward Peg Weiss

5 Years  Skip Patton    

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Membership of the Standing Committees

Club Meetings

Dudley A. Dorr, Chair

Joseph D. Grillo William Keiley
Robert Rosenberger   Roland Wagner

Community Services        

John C. Brownrigg, Co-Chair

Bryce B. Ginther, Co-Chair
James Colabelli Jennie Glasser
Louis Morizio Pete Stevens
Gerald Tysiak William Whipple

Education & Membership   Joseph M. Behson, Chair 
David E. Booker Micheal Gates
Robert S. Pasquarelli James E. Rogers
Interclub  Robert S. Pasquarelli, Chair  
Legacy Committee Robert Carpenter, Chair
Douglas Baldrey Clayton L. Besch, Jr
Frank Breselor Joseph Distell
Dudley Dorr Elwood Hacker
E. Kenneth James Gary Meislin
Robert Pasquarelli Angelo Patti
Bruce Perry Geroge Raneri
Charles Trupia Fred Wurtemberger
Programs John Mulligan, Chair
Publicity   Micheal Gates, Chair  
Sandpiper Peg Weiss, Chair
David Booker Jim Rogers
Kevin Sarsfield
Senior Services  Joe Trupia, Chair  
Gary Meislin Robert Reiter
James E. Rogers William Whipple
Social Committee Eve Ward, Chair
Spiritual Aims   Richard A. Johnsen, Chair    
Robert S. Pasquarelli
Sponsored Youth Barbara K. Fioravanti, Co-Chair John Mulligan, Co-Chair
Ways &  Means   Michael Gates., Chair 
David Booker John Brownrigg
Patricia Lane Robert Loveridge

Robert Pasquarelli

Young Children Priority One  Robert R. Loveridge, Chair  
Pat Lane Julie Martino
James Perez Patricia McEntyre
 James E. Rogers
Youth Services                       Chair
James Colabelli Nancy W. Davis
James Parslow Skip Patton
Raymond Turner Randall Wheeler, II
Kristian Willis
Web Site David E. Booker, Webmaster
Micheal Gates  

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