Date Greeter/Invocator Program Chair Description/Note
10/03/11 John Brownrigg Pres. Skip & PD Pat  Installation of New Club Officers
10/10/11 Joe Behson Dudley Dorr Board Meeting – Club Meetings Committee Chair Roles Update
10/17/11 Bob Pasquarelli Robert Carpenter Meet the candidates
10/24/11  Jim Colabelli Michael Gates Lloyd Fox – Home Fire Safety
10/31/11 Dudley Dorr Jim Perez Legacy Member Honored
11/07/11 Skip Patton John Brownrigg & Bryce Ginther Board Meeting – Community Services Committee Chair Roles Update
11/14/11 David Booker John Mulligan David King, P.E., Director, Hudson River PCB Project Dredging Update
11/21/11 Nancy Davis Bob Loveridge Childhood Asthma Awareness
11/28/11 Barbara Fioravanti Bob Pasquarilli Sand Lake Center for the Arts
12/05/11 John Mulligan Bill Whipple Board Meeting – Senior Services Committee Chair Roles Update
12/12/11 Ken James Doug Baldrey HVCC Update
12/19/11 Michael Gates No Program Holiday Party
12/26/11 - -  Christmas - No Meeting 
01/02/12 Gary Meislin Eve Ward Board Meeting – Social Committee Chair Roles Update
01/09/12 Bryce Ginther Pat Lane Sand Lake Ambulance
01/16/12 Richard Johnsen Jim Colabelli Everything you ever wanted to know about Real Estate appraisal but ...
01/23/12 Angelo Patti Bob Loveridge Division Council - no other program
01/30/12 Bill Kieley Nancy Davis Marvin Bubie: Public Symbols/Hidden Meanings
02/06/12 Jerry Tysiak Bob Loveridge Board Meeting /Young Children Priority 1 Committee Chair Roles Update
02/13/12 Eve Ward Peg Weiss Linda Cioffi:  Flying to Alaska, on your own! 
02/20/12 Bob Loveridge Barbara Fioravanti TBD
02/27/12 Fred Wurtemberger Nancy Davis Glass Blowing by  Terry Weaver of Woven Glass
03/05/12 Julia Martino Skip Patton Board Meeting – Youth Services Committee Chair Roles Update
03/12/12 Bill Whipple Janet Malecki Dick & Shari Gibbs/Jim Bonesteel - Preserving Renss. Co. Natural Resources
03/19/12 Kevin Sarsfield Peter Stevens John Wilson - Home Water Testing
03/26/12 Randall Wheeler Skip Patton Karen Carpenter Palumbo, CEO Vanderheyden Hall
04/02/12 Peter Stevens Dave Booker Board Meeting – Web Site Committee Chair Roles Update
04/09/12 Ray Turner Barbara Fioravanti and John Mulligan Sponsored Youth Committee Chair Roles Update
04/16/12 Jim Parslow Mike Marcelle Averill Park Central School District Budget Presentation
04/23/12 Bruce Perry Robert Carpenter Legacy Member Honored
04/30/12 Doug Baldrey Stuart Nippes Jenifer O’Neil and Barbara Glasser - RAAD
05/07/12 Joe Distell Barbara Fioravanti and John Mulligan Board Meeting – Averill Park High School Key Club Officer Installation
05/14/12 Peg Weiss Pres. Pat Lane Annual Meeting and Club Elections
05/21/12 - - Camp Rotary Work Night
05/28/12 - - Memorial Day - No Meeting,  (March in Parade?)
06/04/12 TBA Joe Behson Board Meeting/Education&Membership Committee Update
06/11/12 -   John Brownrigg/Mike Gates Pre Summerfest Planning Meeting
06/18/12   John Brownrigg/Mike Gates Post Summerfest wrap up
06/25/12    No Program  Post Summerfest - Member/Guest Picnic
07/02/12 Woodie Hacker No Program   Board Meeting
07/09/12 Janet Malecki Joe Behson KI Convention Report
07/16/12 Patricia McEntyre Kevin Sarsfield TBA
07/23/12 --- --- Valley Cats Outing
07/30/12 James Perez Ron Wagner 35 years in the Military
08/06/12 Frank Breselor Michael Gates Board Meeting – Ways and Means Committee Chair Update
08/13/12 Bob Carpenter Jim Rogers Hawaii Cruise 2003
08/20/12 Pat Lane Bruce Perry Summerfest Mayor Sponsors Thank You
08/27/12 Joseph Grillo Randall Wheeler TBD
09/03/12 - - Labor Day,  No Meeting
09/10/12 George Ranieri Ray Turner Board Meeting – Interclub Committee Chair Roles Update
09/17/12 Ron Wagner Frank Breselor TBD
09/24/12 Kristian Willis Woody Hacker TBD