Service Projects

 The Sand Lake Kiwanis Club is continuously looking for new service Projects – all members are encouraged to provide the committees and board with new ideas.

Over 55 years ago one of the first service projects of the club was to supply encouragement and two chickens to young 4-H Club members involved in a project of raising chickens. A current project, Computers for Youth, involves the club collecting used computers, having them refurbished and then donating them to needy students and their families for use in their studies.

A few of the other recent service projects of the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club include:

Averill Park High School Key Club & Columbia High School Key Clubs– Sponsorship of the two Key Clubs is ongoing project of which the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club is most proud.  The club supports in many ways these outstanding award winning high school service clubs. Most Key Club meetings are attended by at least one member of the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club, members of all three clubs work side by side on joint projects and our club provides funding for some of the Key Clubs’ activities.

The TrashBusters – a program that sponsors groups of youths wishing to clean up or otherwise beautify a specific area.  The Sand Lake Kiwanis Club provides supervision, arranges for the disposal of trash, arranges for media coverage of the activity and gives each of the participants a distinctive tee shirt.

Partnership with the County Office of the Sheriff - the club provides volunteers to assist the County Sheriff with programs involving Child Car Seat Safety Inspections (donating a new child's car seat when needed), distribution of hand gun and rifle locks and ChildSafe Identification programs.


Volunteer  assistance for county seniors - when the Rensselaer County Department of Ageing requested volunteers to be trained to assist seniors with the change to Medicaid Part D, several members accepted the challenge.  Once the initial period for enrollment in Part D was completed, they continue to assist seniors making choices with the various services offered by the state, county and federal governments.

Ecumenical church service – each year the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club sponsors a church service on the Sunday of SummerFest for the community as a whole.  

Food from the Heart/Holiday Food and Gift Basket Programs – the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club collects or purchases food items and gifts that are then gift wrapped and delivered to needy families in the area twice a year.

Blood Drives – working with the American Red Cross and various local groups, the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club supplies manpower, publicity and some of the donors for local blood drives through out the year.

Camp Rotary – the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club supports the local Boy Scouts of America summer camp with at least one hands on work night each year.  At that time tent platforms are built, buildings painted, light carpentry and plumbing are performed and the like.  

Petersburg church renovations – the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club provided the necessary manpower and supplies to aid a small group of elderly church members in renovating their church when it looked as though they would have to close the doors.

Community Signs – the club makes available to various local community groups 2 portable lettered signs to advertise their upcoming events.

Health screening – the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club sponsors and supplies manpower for a low cost blood screening for the community annually.

Support of Sand Lake Youth Soccer Program  the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club was one of the first groups in the community to help sponsor this program held on  Sundays in the fall at the athletic fields of the Algonquin Middle School.  The Sand Lake Kiwanis Club still has a presence with its food trailer and by providing the sanitary facilities.  

Habitat for Humanity – the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club has provided volunteer manpower adding in the construction of two homes in the Troy area.  

Flagpole donation – the residents of the Brookside senior housing facility expressed a desire for a flag and flagpole in front of their building.  The Senior Services Committee provided the funding to purchase the flagpole, erect it and a flag for display.

Adopt a Highway – members of the club along with Key Clubbers and/or Boy Scouts maintain a section of NY Route 351  


SummerFest – by far the largest single undertaking of the club, this is a large summer weekend celebration for the town each year with a parade, rides for the kids, athletic contests, craft fairs, demonstrations by various groups, youth events, bands & dancing and a major fire works display.   Click here to view the Summerfest pages.

Financial Support/Scholarships/Awards – the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club annually gives a number of monetary awards at the Averill Park High School Honors Night, supports a participant in the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership conference, supports/sponsors Boy and Girl Scouts, youth baseball & football and the like.

Annual "Dissipated Eight" concert - starting with a concert in 2001 the club has sponsored a free public concert of the Middlebury (VT) College a cappella male chorus, in 2001 a local resident was a member of the group.  Each year the high school auditorium is filled to capacity.

Senior Luncheons – annually the club provides food and service for a Sand Lake Senior Citizens Luncheon.

Butler Park/Fitness Trail/Band Stand – from its inception members of the club have been involved with all aspects of the creation of Sand Lake’s Town Park.  The club has supplied funding and hands on support for the construction of the fitness trail and the bandstand at the park.  

Jubilee Day Care – the club was one of the major supporters of the day care group’s move to the Salem United Methodist Church.  When another local facility would not renew the lease for space in which the day care facility had operated for years a hasty move had to be arranged.  The club not only supplied funding assistance but many hours of hands on labor.

Peace Poles - the club in partnership with the Averill Park Central School District Service Learning Project provided the funding and volunteers to erect 5 four sided Peace Poles, one at each of the District's schools. 

Kiwanis Food Trailer - a common sight a many community events is the "Kiwanis Food Trailer".  The club supports the American Cancer Society's Annual Rensselaer County Relay For Life, the Sand Lake Library's Annual Library Fair and other community groups with their fund raising efforts with food sales out of our "Food Trailer".

Support of the activities of the Kiwanis International and NY District Foundations – annually the club financially supports both of these foundations and through them service to NY state and the world as a whole.

Support of other organizations – the Sand Lake Kiwanis Club routinely provides manpower to aid other organizations such as the Salvation Army, the American Cancer Society and the like as they may need for their fundraising activities in the local area.